Mr. Ranjay Mishra (Founder and Director)

With 18 years of extensive experience and expertise in Sales and Distribution, Mr. Ranjay Mishra has galvanized the company into a cohesive unit keen on serving the customer in the best possible way. His experience with the telecom giant Vodafone has strengthened in his belief that a happy and satisfied customer will have long relationship with the company and will help in growth of mutual interest. Therefore, he has done vital work in channelizing all endeavors in customer satisfaction and quality. Mr. Ranjay Mishra is the rarest possible blend of experience, vision and passion for furthering the horizons of Neora. He is the heart and soul of Team Neora.

Mr. Rajesh Koradiya (Director)

Mr. Rajesh Koradiya is a Commerce graduate and Masters in Business Administration. Mr. Rajesh Koradiya has extensive and in-depth knowledge of each and every process of manufacturing and distribution of Ceramic/Sanitary ware/Paper/Hardware/Bathroom fittings and Accessories.

He is actively involved in Purchasing, Manufacturing, Marketing and Sales, Branding and Finance operations. He is an incredible leader with enormous experience in diverse fields and aspects. He serves as the treasure-house of vital insights and inputs for the vision and growth of the company. He is the fountainhead of inspiration and motivation for the entire company. He leads from the front and manages production and exports for the Group. He holds the team together and lends the requisite vision and leadership.

Mr. Ravi Koradiya (Director, CEO Millennium Group of Companies)

Mr. Ravi is an extraordinarily dynamic and stunningly energetic leader. He serves as the visionary Director and CEO of Group of Companies. His vast business experience and simply brilliant insights make him a powerhouse of dynamism and zest. He exudes an inspiring aura that propels the team forward and catapults the company into a dazzlingly bright future. He is the glue that binds the Group of Companies.

He is the quality master and under his guidance our Ceramic production quality is unmatchable standards with competitions as well as becomes first choice in global market.

Mr. Dharmesh Patel (Q & C Director)

Mr. Dharmesh is a BE graduate and Masters in Business Administration.

Mr. Dharmesh Suvagiya brings extensive experience in manufacturing of Cables/Pumps and hardware industry. Armed with tremendous vigour and zest, he represents the core of the industry experience, field expertise and the vision of unmatched Quality production and process building. These attributes render him the finest possible leader of Export production at Neora. He is an integral and vital part of the dream team at Neora.